We are specialized in the development of games and apps for iOS, Android and the web.

Our team has years of experience in programming, interactive media, transmedia conception, game development, and graphics. As game developer we have a unique combination of engineering, conception, and art within a single team. Our clients include Ravensburger, Bosch, Volkswagen, brainwave, emenes, MRMWorldwide, dreamfab, Ziegler Film, Imagestorm, indi film, ļ¬lmtank, and Chimera Entertainment.

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We offer:

  • App and game development for Android, iOS and the web
  • Concept art and illustration
  • Interface and graphic design
  • Trailers and motion design
  • Software development and implementation
  • Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
  • Storytelling and storyworld development
  • Interactive and transmedia conception
  • game design