Stories instead of chocolate: the advent calendar tiptoi

Opening a new door every day until Christmas Eve arrives is one of the most wonderful rituals for children. Instead of chocolate the “tiptoi Advent Calendar” captivates with exciting stories, carols and other surprises. Thus children can immerse themselves in a magical Christmas world by solving puzzles, crafting objects and playing games to stimulate their creativity and offer plenty of variety and surprises every day.
The concept of this year’s “tiptoi Advent Calendar” was developed by Zeitland and compliments the tiptoi series of Ravensburger. tiptoi is one of its most successful products and stands for innovative learning systems.

Looking for creative reinforcements!

Zeitland is looking for new teammembers!

- Junior/Regular Interface Designer
- Internship Interface Design
- Internship App-/Game Design

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“FilmFacts Südwest” reports about Mars

The MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg promotes not only outstanding film productions , but also contributes to the crosslinking of the industry. In its industry magazine “Film Facts Südwest” the MFG talks about productions, prices and festivals of the film and media industry in southwest Germany.
In its latest issue (May 2015) they reported about the completion of our interactive novel “Mars” for the iPad. With the help of the support program of the “Digital Content Funding (DCF)” of the MFG, Zeitland developed an interactive story in which the reader influences the outcome of the story and can immerse himself in the story through illustrations and mini-games.

Mars – Interactive storytelling in a thrilling science fiction world

Set in the year 2084, your crew has just landed on MINERVA – a space station in the orbit of planet Mars. The red planet was supposed to be transformed into a new living space for humanity to escape earth’s resource scarcity. The initial project however was deemed not succesful due to several breakdowns and turned out to be a failure. Recently a mysterious transmission arrived on earth. Your mission is to find out what happend to the researchers on the station.There are already rumours about the spread of an unknown virus. Can you save the survivors and find an antidote?
This is how the science fiction thriller “Mars” begins, which was developed as an interactive novel by Zeitland. Readers slip into the role of the virologist Josh Blankman and find themselves in a network of conspiracies and deceptions. Thereby the reader is repeatedly faced with tough decisions influencing the story course.

Zeitland develops an app for the Digital Board Game “King Arthur”

“Welcome to Camelot , young knight! Britain needs a strong king. Are you worthy to take charge?” With these words the moderator starts the board game “King Arthur.” He invites the players to prove themselves as brave knights and gain the title of king. Dragons and giants have to be fought and the ones in need should be helped. Piece by piece, the player explores the world of Celtic legends about Merlin, Excalibur and Arthur.

What makes the game “King Arthur” special is the combination of analogue and digital gaming world. A smartphone is attached to a special holder above the playing field. A smartphone camera detects changes, whereby the narrator can respond to individual events and developments. Sound effects, music and spoken narratives enable the players to go deeper in the mystical world of knights, in which each player becomes the hero of his individual story.

This new board game system “Smart Play” is one of the latest innovations from Ravensburger. Gameplay-programming and screen design of the app have been implemented by Zeitland.

Digital board game “The Magical Museum”

At midnight “The Magical Museum” awakes and confronts players with exciting challenges. The dog Fluffy has run away and is breaking showcases, moves exhibition pieces and stole the large bone of the T-Rex. Before the museum opens its doors, the players must work together to capture Fluffy and return the exhibition pieces to their place. They must be very quiet however, otherwise they risk awakening the dinosaur.

This cooperative game of the Ravensburger publishing house uses the new board game system “Smart Play” in which a smartphone is attached to a special mount above the playing field. An app which was developed for the game ensures that the mobile phone camera detects movements on the playing field. A narrator can thus respond to the individual events in the game. Fitting sound effects add to the players immersion.

Our Zeitland team was responsible for the idea, concept and graphic design of the game as well as the gameplay programming of the app. The Game Design was jointly developed in collaboration with Ravensburger as well as Inka and Markus Brand. We are pleased that this innovation is now finally available in stores.

Moved to Mathildenstr. 10/1

We moved into a larger office in downtown Ludwigsburg!
More space for impetuous creativity.

This is our new address:

Zeitland media & games GmbH
Mathildenstr. 10/1
71638 Ludwigsburg

MARS features in FilmFacts

Our science fiction iPad project MARS got featured in the FilmFacts magazine!

If you want to read up on some background and making of information, make sure to grab a copy.

Merry Christmas

Zeitland would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Cathedral

Last week we were attending a cinema premiere in Stuttgart of a transmedia project we worked on: ARTE’s “The Cathedral”, a 3D docu-fiction about the construction of the Strasbourg cathedral, produced by Seppia and Indi Film.

Zeitland did the artwork for the online game and created a complete media library system for mobile devices.