Storytelling is a universal language. We’re all moved to tell our stories and to hear stories from others. Good stories have a pulling effect – they pull away the ground beneath our feet and show us an unknown perspective.

Stories are by far the most effective way to communicate ideas and content – and they are more in demand than ever. While the number of media channels keeps increasing, content production barely keeps pace.

Zeitland develops stories for games, advertising campaigns and interactive media products. Offering transmedia conception or storyworld development across all platforms – comics, audio books, web page, novels, films and video games (just to name a few). Each product creates an intensive and immersive overall experience while the brand remains consistent.

Our creative team at Zeitland unites the storytelling skills of the classic writer, the interactive media concepter and the game designer. We’re savvy, sharp and spot all the latest trends in technical and media innovation. We feel right at home with current developments like gamification, interactive novels, mobile, augmented reality and alternate reality games.

We’re always eager for new creative challenges and would be happy to help you figure out the right story and platform for your campaign. What are you waiting for?


The Zeitland references:
Rust Raiders – browser game (world bible, dialogues, mission design)
Mars – interactive novel (world conception, dialogue, story engine)
Jakob – a short film coproduced by arte/SWR (script)
Ravensburger »Ritterburg« and »Beim Kinderarzt« – interactive educational game (world conception, dialogues)
Jakob – comic book (script)
Steam Noir: Das Kupferherz (1) – comic book (script)
World Wide War – interactive motion comic (background story, dialogue for trailer)