VW Showcase

An example of work we did: Our creative producer Beren contributed concept art, 2D compositing and gui art to a VW-Showcase (“future of automobiles”) working with the brilliant Polynoid artists.

Ravensburger “Castle” and “Children´s Doctor”: Interactive puzzle worlds

client: Ravensburger Spieleverlag
service: conception, story development, prototype

“Ritterburg” is one of the first puzzle products of the award-winning tiptoi series (Giga-Maus 2010, Toy Innovation 2010). Is was released in February 2011 and is still proving successful (see Amazon sales). The player applies an electronic pen onto the depicted persons or objects to hear information (via built-in speakers). There´s discovery mode in which the player is free to explore the hidden object world and learns about the Middle Ages (Why were castles built on higher grounds? etc.). The second mode is the game mode, which is more story-loaded and goal-orientated: The player has to solve the mystery of the missing princess. There are several possible ways to reach this goal, ways, that change from game round to game round and offer surprising story lines. The challenge of this commission was the child-friendly preparation of factual information, the creation of a simple yet compelling story environment and the combination of a predetermined logical story lines with an open and interactive game world.
“Beim Kinderarzt” (“At the children´s doctor”) is our second commission for Ravensburger Spieleverlag. The main goal behind the product was to illuminate the daily routines at a doctor´s office in a playful and highly interactive way. And again we put a lot of emphasis on varying storylines, minigames and hidden objects.

Trailer for an interactive motion comic

World Wide War – Interactive Motion Comic App – Trailer from filmtank on Vimeo.

It was a pleasure to work with our colleagues Roland Sigmond, Jens Merkl and the film production company Filmtank on the trailer for “World Wide War”s interactive motion comic. Zeitlands contributions were story, comic artwork and preliminary animation. Enjoy the trailer!

Trailers for Games

client: dreamfab (publisher) / Chimera Entertainment (developer)
service: motion design, storyboard, conception

The Demolition Dash trailer can be found here. We also did a trailer for “The Lost Shapes” (click here).